Modeling, Shading, Scene Setup (01:21:12)
In this first modo 501 training video, we're going back to nature! Although we will be using modo 501, 401 users will be able to follow along with this tutorial as well, and the differences will be explained along the way. We will get into terrain sculpting, replicators and how to make amazing use of modo's phenomenal content library as we create some stunning natural scenes. Get ready for realism in its most natural sense! (1 video)

Modo version: 501
Project Contents: All the necessary files are provided.


  • terrain sculpting
  • replicators
  • the material library
  • asset sharing
  • item masks and textures
  • randomizing prototypes
  • environments


Terrence Walker is a published manga artist and animator having written the global manga World of Hartz for TOKYOPOP and responsible for the independent animated short films Shadowskin and Understansing Chaos, which changed the indie animation world forever. He also worked as a 3D digital artist, in Hollywood, for studios such as Sony, Warner Bros. and NBC/Universal on multiple television and feature film products.

Video is delivered by download in 1280 x 720, high definition, H.264, Quicktime format, playable on the
free quicktime player from Apple. Includes incremental versions of the object under construction for your study! Featuring 1 hour 54 minutes of training!!