Have you ever asked, "Can I learn how to make animation?" Well, you don't need millions of dollars or major studio backing! The tools and technology are here today and you can do your dream project right now, and this course will teach you exactly how! Get ready to open the door to new levels of creativity and freedom as you learn the techniques that allow you to create on the same level as the big boys!


"I have been waiting for a course like this ever since I was in high school (that was in "1994"). I don't think that any art schools teaches half of what your doing..."AND AT A LOOOOW PRICE. DAMMMN""

"I love how you're clear and simple on your steps - it makes learning stress free and fun. :)
I don't have TVP, but I do have ToonBoom Animate Pro. The programs are similar enough that it's easy to translate the information/directions into it. Thank you so much for putting this video series out. It's been worth the money and is just what I was looking for."

~Charlotte Pouzanoff

This video training library gives you over 30 hours of amazing tutorials teaching you how to make animation and every other aspect of getting your own projects done!

1. Sketching Exercises
2. Inking
3. Color and Painting
4. The Light Table
5. Cleanup, Color and Shading
6. From Rough to Final Color
7. Exposures and Layer Stretch
8. Retiming Across Layers
9. Squash and Stretch
10. Understanding Perspective
11. Spinning Objects
12. Animating a Head Turn
13. 3D Content Libraries
14. A Room Made From Content
15. Lighting From the Beginning
16. Booleans, Bends and Bevels
17. Edge Modeling
18. Displacement Modeling
19. Replicators and Nature
20. Global Illumination
21. 3D Sculpting
22. Layers in 3D
23. The Multi-Plane Camera
24. The Keyframer
25. Figure Drawing
26. Exposures and Timing
27. Action Moves
28. Video Reference
29. Using Reference for Your Character
30. Making Rotoscope Work
31. Color Filling Techniques
32. Shading and Highlights
33. Line Cleanup Techniques
34. Particle Magic
35. Layer Blurs and Effects
36. Post Processing
37. Storyboards
38. Large Backgrounds
39. Words into Pictures
40. Anigen Character Design Secrets
41. Anigen Costumes and Reference
42. Simplifying Characters
43. Finding Sound FX
44. Soundtrack Layers
45. Temp Music
46. Finishing the Story
47. Disney Phonemes
48. Pre-Scored Animation
49. Animation for After Recording
50. Recording Voices
51. Creating Music
52. Foley
53. Final Edits
54. Video Formats and Exporting.

Terrence Walker is a published manga artist and animator having written the global manga World of Hartz for TOKYOPOP and responsible for the independent animated short films Shadowskin and Understanding Chaos, which changed the indie animation world forever. He also worked as a 3D digital artist, in Hollywood, for studios such as Sony, Warner Bros. and NBC/Universal on multiple television and feature film products.

Video is delivered by download in 1280 x 720, high definition, H.264, Quicktime format, playable on the free quicktime player from Apple. Featuring over 30 HOURS of training!

With over 30 hours of amazing tutorials teaching you how to draw anime and every other aspect of getting your own projects done!