E3 Kicked off recently and the AAA game companies have been wowing audiences with the latest, greatest trailers for their upcoming titles. Watching the plethora of new videos released over the last few days left me with a interesting question. Did Microsoft go wrong somewhere?

Screen shot from Ashen

Looking at the available trailers, it seems that both the titles, and the graphic quality of said titles, for the Xbox are lagging extremely far behind that of the Playstation 4. I have not been seriously into games for some time now, except for the promise held by game engines to help indie creators realize their dreams, but I always thought the Xbox and the PS4 were in the same league when it comes to processing power and graphics abilities. If the trailers from the most recent E3 are any indication, this is not the case.

Days Gone on the PS4

It certainly appears, at least, that the PS4 is showcasing games pushing a lot more polygons and with much more in depth rendering and shading technology. I would think that a lot of games, these days, would be using Unreal Engine 4, or CryEngine, if they're still in business, both of which can produce stunningly realistic images at high resolutions. What appears in the actual games on Xbox, though, looks nothing like what I have been seeing in demos.


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