It seems as though the majority of creators continue to create with Hollywood films in mind, even though the reality is that their creations are likely to never see the inside of a cinema. I don't mean this to be a bad thing. Ticket sales are going down, across the board, for a reason. There are numerous other platforms vying for audience attention. The most prevalent is, of course, mobile.

There are more mobile devices in hand, in China alone, than there are cinema goers worldwide. There are more subscribers just on China Mobile, than there are DVD and BluRay players worldwide. Desktop computer sales have been falling for years and mobile content viewership overtook that ages ago. Right now, today, if large numbers of people are watching your content, they are probably watching it on a mobile device. The majors already know this.

"Netflix has hinted that it hasn’t ruled out creating ‘vertical’ content specifically designed for watching on a mobile screen, with the platform’s founder and chief executive Reed Hastings revealing that “people are talking about it” and “maybe one day” it will look into it." According to The Drum. According to Forbes, Netflix Chief Product Officer, Neil Hunt went on to discuss, "the company’s consideration of reframed and differently cropped versions of Netflix content designed to play better on a smaller screen. This could include creating versions of content with shots that will be more easily visible and immersive on a mobile phone. Certain shots, he said, can be difficult to see and can even appear diminished on smaller screens. In addition to existing desktop-format shots being altered, new shots could be made specifically for mobile viewing. For example, wide angle shots could become tighter to make a greater impact on a mobile display."

While Netflix is thinking about it, though, Youtube, National Geographic, MTV, BBC and others have already done it. Why? Some are estimating that as much as 70% of video content is now being consumed on mobile devices. While commuting on the train, on the bus, or eating in line somewhere, people watch video on their phones. On top of that, "Mobile users hold their phone vertically over 90% of the time, and some estimates are as high as 97%. If a user has to rotate or tilt their device to view a video ad properly, the drop-off rate will increase dramatically." According to the Exchange Wire. So this begs the question of whether or not the future of animation will look like this:



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