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I was reading some different blogs over the weekend and started asking myself why I stopped blogging like I used to. I even found an old post of my own that touched on this very subject. In that old post, I wrote, "One of things that has stopped me from posting so much is that I forgot the essence of blogging. I remembered a long time ago I used to sit in my favorite restaurant or cafe and blog on my Sony PSP. Today, though, I have an iPhone, which is a much better tool for that sort of thing, and is not limited to WIFI, since I can use cellular data networks, but I still don't do that. One of the reasons is because I got too caught up in pictures and making each blog post like a fancy magazine article layout. That's all well and good, but the need to do that made the barrier to entry for simple blog post to high, so I didn't do it so much."

Since that time, when I was in Korea, I believe, other factors came into play including, of course, my site being down altogether. That certainly didn't help things. In my old site I had over 1000 articles on various topics, usually related to independent animation, the anime industry and other somewhat related fields like games, movies and comics. Back then, there was no thought of SEO, internet marketing, or a lot of things I got into that totally sapped the fun out of blogging. Back then I simply wrote all that stuff because I wanted to.

Wanting to do something is one of the most important ingredients for success in any endeavor. It may sound overly simplistic to say it like that, but think about your day job. How into it are you? How much of yourself do you put into it? Now compare that to your passion, your personal project, or your own art. There is a difference, right? Basically, all that stuff I learned about internet marketing, though not entirely useless, I should say, turned my blog and my website into work!

Here is the interesting thing. When I was just doing it, I gained astounding numbers as far as readership and traffic. I had almost 100,000 monthly unique visitors coming to my site. I don't know where they came from, or how they found me, but they did. All the efforts I put into internet marketing didn't really change much. In fact, it only served to make working on my site a lot less fun and thus updates became fewer and far between and eventually stopped.

This new Paragon independent, 3D, cel shaded, anime show I began is part of getting back to just doing it. Very similar reasons are behind my lack of new creative endeavors as well. I decided to stop listening to all the voices outside and just focus on the one voice inside. It had only one thing to say. "Make something!" So I am turning things around now. I have a new series underway, and another idea in development. I am returning to blogging, simply because I want to write, have things to say, and there is no place to say them. I have been on different forums here and there, but there is no place which is like what I once built right here.

The world of independent animation has changed. There are new avenues out there for all of us to make our own anime movies or series and get them in front of our audiences. There is a lot to talk about now, so I will start talking right here. Join me. Leave a comment. Let's start a conversation. Where will we go from here?

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